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Top 8 Best Karaoke Software 2021 (Reviews + Pricing)

Best Karaoke Software

If you have a budding singer within you, bubbling to come out, then you must try your hands on good Karaoke software.

Though most of us are aware of Karaoke, for those who are yet to know, these are software that allows you to sing on any selected soundtrack. You don’t even need to remember the lyrics, the software will run it for you on the screen!

 A karaoke mixer is a great party tool and is indeed something that you need for your next party! 

However, not all karaoke software is good. Some might play a broken track while others may not have the lyrics sorted…

…and how can you be Sasha Fierce if the music doesn’t support you?!

Thankfully below are a few software that you can try out. 

Best Karaoke Software:

It is only natural to be confused if you have multiple software to choose from. 

You are just one Google search away from being bombarded by hundreds of Karaoke software that guarantee you a fun time. 

Naturally, choosing from amongst that many options is tiring. To that end, we have handpicked a few selections for you. 

The software listed below have some unique features and caters to a wide range of price. All you need to do is select a Karaoke mixer from these that suit your likes. 

So let’s get Karaoking, shall we?

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Let’s have a look at the detailed reviews:

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Why Should You Use A Karaoke Software?

Well apart from the fact that it will bring a new life to your party, karaoke software has multiple benefits owing to which you should consider using it. 

Indeed, there are multiple, but we will look into the top three. 

Brain stimulation:

Whenever a person sings, he/she has to use the brain. Singing requires thinking, following the tune, and rhythm. Additionally, the emotion of the song too is crucial to connect one to the entire act of singing. A karaoke software can raise the bar on these activities. One is more cautious as he/she is singing in front of the audience. Overall, not only is it a good party game, but Karaoke also exercises the brain to a great extent.

Karaoke is a great stress reliever:

Karaoke works as a great equalizer since it is socially acceptable to sing in this manner. Whenever you sing, your muscles are less stressed. Plus, singing also reduces the level of cortisol in the body. This hormone is often over released when we are too stressed out. Naturally, it has other health implications like obesity, diabetes, and even heart issues. A good Karaoke mixer can be an antidote to such chronic ailments.

Calorie burn:

In addition to having all the gym equipment at home, have Karaoke software as it helps in burning calories to a great extent! An individual weighing 150 pounds will weigh 140 after an hour of Karaoke! 

But yes, if you couple that up with three pitchers of beers and Cosmopolitan, the results can be counterproductive. 


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Karaoke Singing:

Right, wrong good and bad exist in every aspect of life, and Karaoke singing is not out of this purview.

Thus, there are both advantages and disadvantages of getting the software to sing along. 


Advantages of Karaoke Singing:

Showcasing talent:

Do you have a shy friend who has a great knack for singing? If yes, give him/her a few glasses of margaritas and play out your Karaoke software! That’s all that you need to bring out their talent! Karaoke is a great way to find the hidden stars within your friends and even yourself. Plus it might also pop a few bubbles if you “thought” you are good at singing. Nevertheless, these types of software are great talent hunters. 

Socialization made possible:

Generally at a party, people are seen hanging out in groups. The typical clinging of glasses measured laugh and snacking. Honestly, after a while, it does get boring. However, Karaoke software can bring life to such parties and help people come out of their shells and socialize! Even if some of them choose not to sing they can connect with each other over a few of their favorite numbers. Now, this sounds more interesting than the boring social gatherings, right?

Confidence building:

No matter what you say, but getting up on the stage to sing in front of a crowd takes a lot of guts. 

Though you may not know these people or may never meet them again, to muster up your courage to sing in public takes a certain level of confidence. A Karaoke software can prepare you for that! This works out great for people who suffer from stage fright or shyness. Finally, this might be just the push you need to develop your self-esteem.

Now, all is not hunky-dory in Karaoke town. There are both merits and drawbacks to singing karaoke.


Disadvantages Of Singing Karaoke:

Chances of ridicule

Well, everyone you invite to a party may not be the very jolly type. There might be some who might not enjoy your singing and will not hold back to laughing at your face. Or worse, they might tell you to stop singing right away. Though it’s a given that everyone who sings karaoke is not a singer, such s comment might put a damper on your spirit. 

Take mind off other activities:

If you are too busy having fun with your Karaoke software at the party, you might just forget to look after the other important things, like food!

Of course, karaoke is very engaging especially if you have the software installed right on your PC to keep you busy, but then you also run the risk of being a bad host. After all, people don’t come to a party just to sing. 


Reasons You Sound Bad On Karaoke Singing And How To Fix It:

There are some people who sound naturally amazing on Karaoke and there are some who just don’t no matter how hard they try. 

If you fall in the second category, do not just lose hope yet. There are a few reasons that might be causing this unfortunate occurrence and yes, there are ways to fix it! 

Choosing the wrong track:

This is the most common reason why people sound bad on Karaoke. If you select a song that is outside your vocal capabilities then you might not be able to perform it well. If you are a bathroom singer, then selecting a complicated song might take away your chances to sound good at the party. 

Fix: Make a list of a few basic songs and select the ones that you are comfortable with singing. Firstly, identify your vocal range. Are you comfortable with higher or lower notes? Based on such considerations select songs that are ideal for you. 

You are using too much if your throat:

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they are singing karaoke. Think about it, did you ever feel that your throat is getting strained during a performance? If yes, then you have been using too much of your throat while singing. The ideal way is to go from lower down to make the most of your vocals. 

Fix: To keep your throat relaxed you need to practice breathing exercises. Using a method called belly breathing, take 10-15 minutes daily to focus on your throat. As the name suggests, using this technique, you will be inhaling as much as air possible from your mouth and nose to fill up your belly. Then exhale it slowly. 

Wrong distance from the Mic:

Your distance from the microphone during Karaoke singing is another reason that affects your song. If you want to follow rapers who have their mouths too close to the microphones, you will be committing a blunder. This is not an ideal approach for most people as it makes their voice sound muffled. On the flip side, being too far away from the Mic can make you rely on your throat too much thereby killing your voice. 

Fix: Ideally, your mouth should be around 15cm or 6 inches away from the Mic. At this distance, your voice won’t be muffled and you don’t really need to shout to be heard. Be very mindful of this distance throughout your performance. 

Not warmed up:

Who says vocal warmups are only for professional singers?! If you want to sound good at the party while singing karaoke, you have to warm up your voice! This warmup will surely help you with the difficult notes and you won’t have to strain your voice during a performance.

Fix: There are few fixes for this:

  • Concentrate on deep breathing for 5 minutes daily
  • Try humming a song or tune using a straw
  • Inhale the air and exhale it through your lips allowing the lips to vibrate. This is an exercise that relaxes the mouth
  • Practice tongue twisters daily
  • Massage your jaws and mouth daily 

Wrong key choice:

If you are singing in the wrong key, then in all probability your song will not sound good. The idea is to follow the note and key of the instruments or the background music. 

Fix: The best thing to do here is to stick to the original track.  If you opt for a song that has multiple variations, chances are you will lose track. 


What Not To Do While Doing Karaoke?

This is something important and can make or mar your performance. So here are a few things to consider:

Don’t pick a slow song:

Though this is fairly obvious, a lot of people opt for soft songs which kind of kills the mood. You want people to sing along with you not sleep off! So keep the tunes peppy

Don’t pick the wrong partner:

Karaoke is majorly about performance. Even if you are not a great singer you can make up for it by performing well. So, if you are opting for a duet, don’t select a partner who is not particularly comfortable on the stage. You want him/her to have as much fun as you. 

Don’t hog off the Mic:

Hello! You are not the only one trying to have fun! Let others enjoy them too. 


Avoid hip-hop songs:

Even though you might think you sound cool. You might end up sounding like a wailing cat. 


FAQs – Karaoke Software

Does Karaoke improve singing?

Karaoke is actually a great way to enhance your singing abilities. Over the top of the head, since these types of software are very addictive, people practice these days, and practice does get one better in any activity. Plus as mentioned above, it does build one’s confidence which helps one perform better in front of a huge audience. 

Karaoke can help you prove your singing in the following ways:

  • Improves voice quality and vocal abilities
  • Reduces stage fright and increase confidence
  • A scope to get feedback for improvement

What are the best songs that you can sing for a Karaoke?

This heavily depends on your scale and the type of songs you are comfortable with singing.

Ideally, you want a song that most people know and can join in. To that end your top five picks are:

  • Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses 
  • Roar by Katy Perry
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg
  • The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica
  • Hold On” by Wilson Phillips

Are there any rules for Karaoke? 

Yes, there are. Indeed karaoke is fun, but to make it fun for all here are a few rules to follow:

  • Don’t force people to sing
  • Respect the art
  • Never criticize anyone
  • Don’t block the view of the monitor when someone is singing
  • Don’t mess up the lyrics


Singing is always fun. It can be made better with karaoke. So pick up the software you are comfortable with and let’s get the party started!


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